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Discover some amazing features of GO54's VPS.

Discover the incredible features that set GO54’s Wordpress hosting apart

Dedicated Resources

Your VPS has dedicated RAM and CPU resources to guarantee steady app or website performance.

Choice of Operating Systems

Select your preferred Linux or Windows distribution for your VPS.

Complete Root Access

Install programmes, change configurations, and take control of your server's management.


Why GO54?

Choose GO54 for a Local Virtual Private Server

Dedicated Server Resources for Performance

Superior Performance: Our VPS hosting utilizes premium hardware to deliver exceptional user experience.

Ideal Environment

Our VPS offerings are ideal for Linux and Microsoft Applications.

24/7 Customer Support

Our experienced support team is available 24/7, to provide exceptional support services.


Find answers to frequently asked questions about Local VPS

Do you offer physical servers in Nigeria?

What are the OS options for your cloud offering? 

How reliable are the servers hosted in Nigeria?


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